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What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)? History of RCA and How to do an effective RCA.

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)? How to do an effective RCA: We have to understand first about what does meaning of Root Cause? Basically root cause is defined as a factor that caused a nonconformance and should be permanently reduced or eliminated through the process improvement.

What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)? History of RCA and How to do an effective RCA.
What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)? History of RCA and How to do an effective RCA.

The root cause is a high-level issue which leads to the main problem of the process or product.

History of Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?

RCA (Root Cause Analysis) can be traced to the broader field of TQM (Total Quality Management). Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a part of a more general problem-solving process and an integral part of continuous improvement.

The Root Cause Analysis (RCA) in itself not produce any result, It must be a part of the larger problem-solving effort for Quality Improvement.

How and When Should conduct an RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

A typical design of Root Cause Analysis in an organization follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. Form a small team to conduct a Root Cause Analysis (According to the criticality of the process)

  2. Team member is selected from the business, process, and area of the organization that experience the problem.

  3. The team might be supplemented by: a) A-Line manager who has the authority to implement the solution. b) An Internal Customer of the process with the problem. c) A Quality Improvement expert (Master Black Belt or Black Belt) of the process.

  4. The Root Cause Analysis lasts about two months. During the Root Cause Analysis, equal emphasis is placed on defining understand the problem of process and product or services, brainstorming on possible causes. Analyzing Cause and Effect, and devising a solution of problem.

Which tools we can use for Root Cause Analysis in BPO or calling process?

There are many methodologies, approaches and techniques are there to conduct a Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Below mentioned mostly use the method and techniques.

  1. Cause and effect analysis through Fishbone diagram

  2. 5 Why Analysis

  3. Event and Causal factor Analysis

  4. Kepner-Tregoe Problem solving and decision making