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What is Quality? How & why it's important in professional life?

Updated: Mar 27

What is Quality? Whenever do we think about Quality what is the first thing that comes to our mind? Yes! the first thing that comes is the accuracy & Quality of the product, services, or whatever we do at our workplace or any skillset.

What is Quality? How and why it's is important in professional life?
What is Quality? How & why it's important in professional life?

Definition of Quality: "Quality itself has been defined as fundamentally relational: Quality is the ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating, and fulfilling stated and implied customer needs."

Why do we try to do, right thing right, on time, every time? To build and sustain good relationships with the customer. This is how Quality works toward its aim. It would be difficult to find an accurate and realistic definition of Quality that did not have, implicit within the definition, a fundamental express or implied focus of building and sustaining relationships with the customers.

Now the question comes in that who is the customer?

Customer is one of the population who consumed our services, product, and support. There are two types of customers.

  1. Internal Customer: For an organization, their employee is their internal customers.

  2. External Customer: of course, we all are aware that for any organization the customer is one who consuming their product, services.

We have some Quality definitions:

  • As per the American Society of Quality (ASQ): Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of the product or service that bear on its abilities to satisfy given needs.

  • As per the American Heritage Dictionary: Quality, inherent or distinguishing characteristics, a degree or grade of excellence.

  • The word 'Quality' represents the properties of the products and/ or services that are valued by the customer/ consumer.

  • Error-free, Value-added care and service that meets and/ or exceeds both the needs and legitimate expectations of those served as well as those within the medical center.

Why Quality is so Important in Professional life?

Suppose you are using a mobile phone for an 'A' company. Would you buy a mobile again if the previous handset was defective? Of course, the answer is 'No'.

The customer would return your product to your organization or raise an escalation regarding your services. Make sure the end-user is happy and satisfied with your product or your services.

Quality management is essential for customer satisfaction which eventually leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty. How do you think businesses run? Do businesses driven only by new customers? Actually, No. It's very important for every business or every organization to have some loyal customers. You need to have some loyal customers who come back to you, no matter what.

Quality Management ensures superior quality products and services. The quality of products and services can be measure in terms of performance, reliability, and durability. Quality is a very crucial parameter that differentiates an organization from its competitor.

The true line on current situations is Quality products and services are the only things that ensure that you survive the cut-throat market competition with a big smile.